Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Crystal Growing, Game Making & Library Books

Summer fun has begun...our son spent his own money on a small crystal growing kit and read the directions himself and followed them and has been measuring and charting their growth daily.  Yesterday, Tuesday, All four of us ventured to the library where many books and magazines were checked out and hubbie found one on the sale shelf to purchase. A few errands, some lunch out and some playtime at the park....home for dinner - hmm a new shrimp dish, evening weed cutting in the yard and a family movie to finish off the wonderful day spent together.

 A crystal from last years kit..
 Making his own board game...
A new recipe last night - - but instead of 'soup' we cut down on the liquid a bit and made it thicker to go over steamed rice - recipe here - -  Cilantro Coconut Shrimp over Rice
 Great, flavorful soup/or over rice- check out her link above for all the wonderful details and ingredients- our family loves anything with shrimp!
(Photo from stir it up- link to recipe above)

Library Books this week...Summer fun reading...Summer projects....

Our son (9 years) choose two Origami books with details on how to make birds, ocean animals, boxes, water bombs and more. He is anxious to try the 'bombs'.

Momma checked out a few magazines including Vegetarian Times, Mother Earth News and Home and Garden.  No books this time as I'm still finishing up 'Growing a Farmer'.

Hubbie's books...his mind is on Gardening, making our backyard a beautiful place...and possibly even a pond.
 Our daughter (next month 14 years) has Summer projects in store too, here are the books she checked out... She would like to-      -Learn How to Play Guitar
                                          -Take Dance Lessons
                                          -Take Voice Lessons
                                         -Work more on her song writing
                                          -Read and research about songwriting and music
                                         -Her other Summer goal is to sew her first Kimono with Momma's help.
                                                        Yes, this girl has big goals this Summer...
                                plus of course go to 2 fairs and show her animals, head to camp with
                                 her 4H friends!

Kicking Summer off with books & play!

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