Saturday, May 3, 2014

Testing New Phone-Camera, Duck Eggs, Pigeon Eggs!

Well, the newest camera had taken a flying leap off the counter months ago so I was using my old camera which has now decided to automatically turn off sporadically at the most inopportune when I'm snapping a photo. Needless to say its been frustrating not having a working camera- the kids enjoy taking pictures, capturing moments as much as I being that we had talked about adding a third line to our cell phones for the kids/and house, I just got a phone with a good camera to use for now- and I can happily say I'm quite pleased as it takes better photo's than my old camera did! Although my husband had a good laugh at me, as this is my first 'fancy' phone...yes I'm stuck on the old non-touch screen, can feel the buttons, doesn't do anything phones- it was truly hard for me to jump into getting a new phone...but I'm learning and adjusting to it :)

Spring is in full force around here..babies are coming this month...May, just a few days in has brought our son's pigeons laying two eggs and beginning to sit on them in her nest...and our duck finally laid the last of her eggs and has begun sitting as well. Duck laid 11 eggs, same amount as last year although we already had the first one be a dud as she laid it in the wet near the pool and then they cracked it. The last 10 are all in one nest, doing great and she's carefully sitting and turning them. Daddy Duck of course is protective, when feeding this morning came charging at us, warning us to not get to close. We love to watch their behavior change as it becomes baby time.

Finding it hard to steady my hand when taking pics one handed :)

 Writing his comic-book story..

 Can you see all 10 hiding?? :)

Exciting spring waiting for babies to hatch!

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