Thursday, May 8, 2014

....Fishing Trip - day 2

So I didn't get to take a full vacation from work but at least I was able to arrange to have half days off and get my work done in the morning and then be able to play and relax the remainder of the day. So myself and my daughter stayed home in the morning as the three boys, my son, dad and husband went out to fish - bites they said, a small fish, but nothing worth keeping over at the lake. The afternoon brought a trip again to the river...beautiful day, light breeze, not too hot...a mean goose, great conversation and lots of laughs- it was a fun time!  Sad today to see 'Grandpa' leave but luckily we have another trip in store next month for our daughters 14th birthday to Cali to see everyone.

Blessed to have any extra time, even a short time with my Daddy! Looking forward to a short month away when we'll be out with him and the rest of the family again...

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