Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Fair Drop Off, Family-Birthday Time

We made it safe and sound, out of town, to visit family, for the kids to show at fair, for our daughter to celebrate her birthday with family, for us to spend time with everyone. Its been a wonderful few days and we still have the rest of the week to go with plenty of time to visit, time to explore the fair, time to show and time to have fun. Tonight a concert seeing 'Pentatonix' at the fairgrounds which our daughter is super excited for.

Another celebration for this 14year old!
 Her Grame knows her so well- super excited about a 
Peace Love Bunny tee-shirt
 Fair Drop off- Cavies!
 Silly goats hollering at us while we were putting cavies in cages!
Vacation Week- fun, family time & fair time.

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  1. 14!!! No way, but yes!!! Happy beautiful wonderful 14th year to your beautiful and talented daughter!! Much love to you all! Great to photos of Joy and Papa too!!