Sunday, June 8, 2014

Life & Death

Death...we candled all the duck eggs one last time...and the kids and I confirmed- no life. None. None of the eggs made it. We discussed the growth- checking each one, noticing that many didn't finish developing..and only three developed all the way. Last years clutch, all the eggs except two developed. This year being the lay was so late in the year we have to wonder if it had any thing to do with it.

But with death this morning, and cleaning out the ducks pen, putting momma and dad back together...we were blessed this afternoon with a tiny miracle- our son's pigeon egg hatched. Pigeons are not the cutest babies...our son says they are ugly-cute, our daughter begs to differ. But miracle of life none the less. Now we await to see if the 2nd egg will hatch.

Pigeon Baby - 1 hour old


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