Thursday, June 5, 2014

Summer...Relaxing-Friends-Creativity-Chicken Coops

This week...there has been a lot of reading, drawing, book-making, being creative, swimming in the pool, swimming at the river, 4H meeting, friend get-togethers, duck-egg-watching, shooting in the yard...and relaxing and fun. We also worked yesterday, finally getting the chickens moved to their 'new' semi-permanent, for at least this year-homes...
Chicken Coops
Using old rabbit hutches for these small bantams worked perfectly, they have their little house area with some straw and up on stilts should help protect against any predators.
We also installed a mister system right above hanging from the tree branches to cool them when the weather picks up this summer...
Next project, to get the middle cage a little partial covered for some protection and to get the ducks outdoors- that pen we are in the process of building. The kids also would like to paint and decorate the houses as well! Its coming along getting all these guys situated!

Happy Chickens in their new homes.

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