Sunday, May 17, 2015

Animal Weekend & Chickens

The weekend has been full force animals around here...Saturday brought a Rabbit show for our daughter. She brought 2 out of 4 of her dutch rabbits to the show nearby. They both did well. She also got a new bun (another dutch) that she gets to pick up this week which she's thrilled about. And here I told her when we got to the more. And what happened? We got one more. But with the promise of cutting down on her guinea pigs. She's in the midst of shifting gears from guinea pigs to rabbits and still very interested in showing in larger shows and possibly judging. So show day took up our whole day- but it was fun and we all got to be there and share in her excitement, chat with friends and hang out with other rabbit-loving folks like ourselves.

Today Sunday morning, our son and I have not only cleaned chicken pens but also let our newest ones have sunshine, outdoor time and play time out in the dogs yard! Love this kids passion for his birds, and any bird for that matter.

Pure happiness in my heart when I see both my children with their animals. Looking forward to afternoon skype with family, working in the yard, praising the Lord and having the day with family.

 Momma's Black Beauty baby

Fun family days with animals.

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