Monday, May 4, 2015


Still not back into all of our normal routine...some how we ended up 'having' to do laundry on Sunday...the kids some how had no shirts left amongst other things. With no washer or dryer yet we ventured to the laundry mat down the road for a few hours to wash and fold. Back home the heat was rising and we decided a trip for some swimming at the lake was in order. Picked up a pizza and headed on down- water was a bit too cold for this momma to get in past her knee's but the kids and hubbie were happy to jump right in. Our kids enjoyed snorkeling and hubbie enjoyed floating...momma had a great time just watching, soaking in the sun and the light breeze and attempting not to already think about Monday! A great family day once again.

 Great weather, beautiful view and family...what more could you want. We are so thankful.

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