Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Around here

Around here...I haven't posted for over a week. Its been mellow on the home front, busy on the work front and we are settling down into a routine for catching up on home schooling and learning. Our daughter has been making plans to bake and sew this summer for fun and our son has started building his own website to teach other kids how to do things on mine craft. Our daughter got settled into a new 4H club and we went to her first meeting. We still have a few lingering boxes around the house and still have our storage units to empty. Around here today, hubbie is weeding the dogs yard...the kids are playing together- I love hearing their voices and they discuss, plan, create, imagine together...and momma is finishing up on work and looking forward to finishing up on some kitchen cleaning later too. We also got some chicken handling-cuddling-play time in today. We've been watching cooking shows in the evening as a family and enjoying having Netflix back for documentaries- the kids favorite! It feels like care free summer days. Easy breezy, the weather has been comfortable, the heat hasn't hit us too hard...yet. We are all looking forward to planning our trip to see family in June for our daughters 15th birthday. We are also looking towards the fair here as always. It feels good to be home bodies right now as we are developing our routines and continuing to settle into our new home. Its been 1 month since we left Idaho. It seems like longer.

 Our babies.
 Dogs fenced back yard...now weed free thanks to hubbie!

Thankful for all of our beautiful days together.

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