Saturday, November 14, 2015

Library and Park Friday

We are still trying to establish our family rhythm and weekly routine...but its becoming more and more consistent that we are getting back in to going to the Library and Park every Friday. Its something we all look forward to. New stories, new school books, more to learn, exploring, playing, reading, being silly and having fun. Our son and I usually are the ones to run and play while Dad and daughter sit and read anxious to dive in to the books they gathered up at the Library trip.

Our beautiful daughter...
 Our son working more on his wooden fort project this week...
 Park play

 Yep this momma is IN the tube slide with our son...laughing all the way down.
Never grow to old to play, slide, swing, run, jump and have fun.
 Book worms
 This weeks collection...can you tell where our interests are at the moment!? (And this wasn't even all the books collected...our daughter has more in her room of ballet, crafting and stories.)

Loving family library and park day.

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