Sunday, November 1, 2015

Trick or Treat...And Last Week

Last week was a pretty normal week but even in the every day normal we try and plug in a few fun, creative, adventurous out-of the norm things to do, make or explore! We went grocery shopping but first stopped at the river and park we hadn't been to in a few years- not sure why just not one of our normal spots. Kids had fun, it was a gorgeous day. Weather was perfect- sunny with a cooler breeze. Our son went on his scooter then we played at the playground. The morning sun rise skies have been just beautiful too. I get up before the sun does so its continuously a blessing to get to view the sun rise each and every morning over the hay fields, makes it worth getting up early. We carved pumpkins, our daughter finished sewing her costume and dad helped our son decorate his sword and make a little bag for his costume as well. Work was done this week, school was completed, creating and making took place...a great week together. Then we went trick or treating with the kids cousins and Aunt too.

Fun week then fun weekend with family.

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