Saturday, November 12, 2011

Family Saturday

A wonderful family Saturday....Pick up of our fruit and veggie basket, a pizza lunch- kids had free pizza coupons from school for reading awesome for the whole month then a little road trip, some crafts when we got home and bbq chicken with zucchini and pasta for dinner! 

A road trip with some rainy weather and some cows roadside...

Then an awesome husband totally wanted it!!
An early b-day present for hubbie:
Picked up our weekend fruit/veggie co-op basket and choose ALL ORGANIC this time- looks fantastic!!
And started some crafts when we got home...going to be a turkey pot centerpiece for Thanksgiving and my daughter is working on a flower bouquet.

No pick of dinner but hubbie outdid himself on the grill as always and dinner was fantastic!!

Oh and my 'office' is getting a make-over...still work in progress...
It'll get there someday!! Blessed with such a wonderful day spent with the ones most important to me.

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