Monday, November 21, 2011

Quick Trip & More home made items!

Hubbie is totally on board with the home made stuff...he agree's the laundry soap gets 5 stars! Here's what's new around the house on the 'home made' front....

Dishwasher Detergent
Hubbie used borax, washing soda and citric acid  - we have hard water and the dishes come out clean and not spotty!

Face Powder
I've decided to replace my 'covergirl' face powder and go home made- hubbie looked this one up and found that corn starch and green clay work well but that if you don't need your skin evened out that just corn starch will do to take care of the oily skin throughout the day...So far so good, I have fair skin and no red/blotchyness so right now the corn starch alone is super, and I don't use a foundation so just a little coverage to hit the oily spots really does the trick...

We took a quick trip over the weekend to see family and headed to the zoo. Even though we have been just about a million times, it was nice to let the kids take pictures of their favorite animals and they both want to frame a few too for their rooms...

And this is what happens when you leave the children unattended with the dog....poor thing gets treated like a 'baby' doll! Pillow, blanket, teddy bear and all!

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