Thursday, February 26, 2015

Boy Time

One of the things I admire and love most about my husband is how he can fix, build, make...practically anything. A talent shown to him by his father and one we both want to instill in our son as well. Luckily our son LOVES fixing, building and making. He accompanies my husband any time there are things to repair or fix on the car - he loves removing my tires and rotating them, he'll lay underneath a vehicle any time my husband asks. Our son also enjoys learning tasks of providing for our needs...fixing things around the house, or building fires to keep us warm. He also loves cooking- and helps to make dinner nightly...he will make some woman very happy one day :)

So, this last week...he and hubbie fixed the A/C-heater switch in our mini-van. Our son learned soldering and about the wiring and they got it fixed and back in place...and Momma is happy that the switch now just turns on without any jiggling it about to get it to work. Hubbie also showed him how to make kindling for the fire and get the fire started in our wood stove.  The boy lessons didn't end there..they also build golf course ramps out of wood, logs, tubing and cardboard as a part of their cub scout project this week as well. Love my boys.

Can't believe this guy is going to be 10 years old next month!!

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