Thursday, February 26, 2015

Healthy 2 ingredient Cookies (plus mix in's)

When my husband and I sit down to meal plan for the week we have our go-to recipes and recipe books on hand but we love to venture online- searching out new recipes to add to our binder at home. When looking for meals, I ran across this goodie for healthy 2 ingredient cookies, plus your choice of mix-in's. I knew I had to try it out! So this morning I did...we mixed in walnuts and chocolate chips- I didn't chop the oats enough so next time I will chop them a bit more to get a better mixture going on. But the taste- don't expect a 'normal' chocolate chip cookie- but these definitely were good and satisfied my sweet tooth! I may try cinnamon-raisin for my next go at these! Yum.

2 ingredients -
Banana's & Oats
My mix in's - Chocolate Chips & Walnuts

 Great taste- but next time I'll chop those oats more! Some didn't even get chopped.
Love new recipes!

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