Saturday, February 7, 2015

Sled Time

A week or so ago our daughter had a morning meeting for 4H so my husband and I took our son to the 'big' hill at the park in town for sledding. He had been asking to go for quite some time but there just hadn't been enough snow or there was so much snow and ice the parking lot was never cleared or the streets near it to park and go in and play. But he finally got his chance and was ecstatic. He begged for hubbie and I to take turns. I went down with him on the sled a few times then we both obliged and went down on our own once as well! Many laughs and much fun was had. He also decided to try 'penguin' sledding he called it as he slid down the huge hill right on his belly. He said it was fun but the bumps kind of hurt!

Fun sledding time with our son.

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