Friday, February 13, 2015

Learning & All Dressed Up

A few snapshots of our week...crafting, jelly bean graphing, amazing bridges around the world, kale chip baking...lots of reading- finished 20,000 leagues under the sea and Edward for a new audio book...and most importantly getting our daughter ready for a big weekend. She is leaving for 3 days with 4H'ers from around the state to the Know Your Government conference for 8th and 9th graders. What an amazing opportunity, we are so blessed by this. She gets to travel with her friends and group, meet other kids from around the state who share her interests and love of 4H and learn about the government as well. Saturday eve they dine at a formal sit down dinner...since we won't be with her to take pictures we snapped a few of her in her formal dress today.
We are incredibly excited for her and this experience.

 Kale Chips....better than potato chips according to our kids!
Cut out the stem, break apart in small pieces
Drizzle with Olive Oil and your choice of seasoning
We've used Salt, Salt & Pepper, Chili Pepper & Garlic
350 degrees for 10 minutes or until all crisp and edges are slightly brown- Done!
 Graphing, Estimating, Multiplying, Adding, Subtracting, Greater/Less & Equal....
Needless to say our son enjoyed the math today...and Dad enjoyed eating it afterwards!
 Our beautiful girl, 14 yrs

Our beautiful daughter growing up before our eyes into such a wonderful young lady. My heart is so proud.

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