Sunday, February 22, 2015

Movie Week & Backyard Hiking

We had a slow week this last week...our daughter coming home Monday at midnight from her weekend trip with 4H...then her sleeping till 2pm on Tuesday and back into bed by 6pm. We declared it movie week from school purposely to give her rest time. A little history of Japan, the Declaration of Independence, the Arctic & Antarctica and 20,000 Leagues under the Sea (since we just finished up the book). Yes, it was a relaxing week together. Friday, feeling more energy from the easy week after finishing work for the day we all went to the movies- Penguins of Madagascar for the boys and Hunger Games for the girls..then out to dinner, pit stop at Walmart and home for bed. Yesterday brought laundry and pizza and movie night at home. Today with the sun shining brightly outside we ventured for some backyard hiking. Exploring our 'yard' of 25 acres never gets old. Seeing how magnificently huge the pine tree's are always amazes me. The peace that comes from stopping dead in your tracks in the midst of the forest and just listening. Birds, wind through the tree's, sun light on your face warming- I can think of nothing better than being out in nature with my family.

Sharing a few pictures from our hike today...

 May you and your family be blessed this upcoming week and reflect on the joy of being together and in the nature surrounding you.

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