Saturday, March 21, 2015

Birthday Day..Again

Another pre-Birthday day, since our son's birthday falls on Monday we ventured out to have family time of his choice- A family fun center day he decided. So off we went to play Laser Tag, Go Karts, Golf and video games, birthday dinner then home for presents, pie and a late night movie of 'Big Hero 6'. Yeah he said it was a great day! His favorite parts - - Laser Tag (it was his first time) and getting a Camera Stand from his Grandpa- love this buddy of mine!

 I can not hardly believe our son is turning 10. 
He is a sweet, caring, sensitive and humorous kid with a big heart who constantly makes me laugh. He loves anything to do with science, animals, robotics, video games and nature. He loves photography especially of his love of birds. He's inquisitive and so very smart. Maybe that's because he has a great big sister to look up to. I love his heart and his mind and his uniqueness. You'll never find this kid of mine without his hat on- he is starting a collection. He loves being dirty- he loves being a boy and I couldn't love that about him any more if I tried. I'm proud to be his momma and so very proud of the boy I see him becoming as he grows each year.

Happy 10th Birthday bubba, my buddy boy.

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