Saturday, March 28, 2015

Leaving Idaho

Another big life change is in store for our family...we are moving...again. Back to where we came from. Its a bit surreal. There are definitely mixed emotions running through each member in our family- happy ones to see friends and family to be back on familiar grounds to look forward to the lake and river swimming this summer...and a bit of sad ones for newly made friends we are leaving behind, for nature, our home, this community we have grown to love. We made our last trip into town to grocery shop and pick up supplies for our trip- We officially leave in 1 week from today.

I won't lie- I was a bit teary eyed snapping photo's along the same road we travel weekly into town to go to the grocery store and library. Its become a habit for us- our Tuesday routine - although we went yesterday, Friday since this will be a busy week ahead for us. But this time knowing it was the last I soaked it all in- staring out the window, thinking, dreaming, gazing...remembering my first feelings when we came here. Its funny that initial awe of the beauty here still is in my heart every time we travel this road. I will never forget this place- and hold it close to my heart as I think of people calling it 'Gods Country'- that fits it so well. I truly, purely love nature. I love waking up to walk the dogs outside first thing in the morning and gaze at these amazingly huge tree's surrounding our home. It makes you feel very small- in a good way- in an appreciative way. There was never a morning I didn't walk outside to see nature at our doorstep and not thank the lord for this experience in our lives. We are truly thankful. We are so blessed to have had this home and this property- to be able to hike through nature daily in our own yard, to view wildlife right outside our door, to have these amazing tree's tower over us, to see more than a million stars each night, to feel as if we were the only ones at times in this gorgeous spot of earth.

When I think of this place- I will miss the farm lands, the home steads, the way that it is mostly nature and people live scattered about- not the other way around where people consume the land. I will miss the small town, where every ones waves to each other, knows your name, but more than just says hello, wants to ask you how you are and your children and knows them by name as well. Luckily we have a lot of that same small town charm where we will go back to- we are blessed to have so many friends with such huge hearts awaiting our arrival when we return. Even the small amount of time we were here had a purpose and we were meant to come. It has changed our hearts forever.

A few last snapshots of our travel yesterday...a quick visit to the park nearby and into town for groceries.

 And our towns sign- not just welcome..but "Experience Priest River"
We are all thankful for this experience.
Blessings to all of our friends and family...may you choose adventure, may you choose experience.

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