Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Our Day, Our Daughter - Meaningful Moments

Working every day to raise our children with good values, morals and 
to be independent thinkers and do-ers.
Our day yesterday started out as any normal Tuesday...we wake, we feed animals, we feed ourselves, we dress, we 'school', we eat lunch, we listen to an audio book or watch a documentary while Momma finishes up work and we head out every Tuesday afternoon for the Library and Grocery shopping. Yet our daughter and I had some very meaningful moments throughout the day. Every day there are amazing, wonderful, meaningful moments just yesterday stuck to my heart especially.

Lately when we have conversations and she speaks she pulls at my heart strings frequently- its my admiration, awe, appreciation and love for this young women, young adult she is becoming- I couldn't be more proud.

In our morning together while having some one on one study time we discussed education goals, college goals, life goals. I love that she speaks so openly. I love her passionate heart. I love that this journey of homeschooling but more than that, this journey to let them make choices has led her to know what is right for her- last year she made no commitment to study traditional subjects- she studied I believe a week's worth of math the entire year- yes and we let her. She didn't like it, didn't want it and felt she didn't need it. This year, entering 9th grade, high school- she has asked for math, let us know out loud that she made the wrong decision to take nearly the whole year off and now she must play catch up- but she is working hard to catch up- she still may not like it and not really think she'll need it in life- but she's doing it, because she has goals she has set for herself. Nothing good would have come of me making her do it last year. She has gained independence, choice, dedication to her goals. I told her I was proud of her and her choices - I'm proud of her dedication to many things this year.

In the afternoon upon heading to the Library we walked isle by isle browsing...a little crafting, a little cooking, some song writing, guitar playing...then we came to the parenting books which include home schooling books- I teased just for fun -telling her I'd better pick one out and learn how to 'parent' or 'homeschool' her before it was too late since she was nearly 15 and going to be an adult in 3 years- she laughed and patted my shoulder- and told me -I think its too late for that, besides everything is is good..we pretty much have this figured out together! *Love* Pure *Love*

I love both my one goes into home schooling or parenting knowing how to do it, they do their best, they follow their hearts, they follow the Lord, they pray, they read, they enlist support, friends, family- they listen and learn to know their children...they trust their children. 
I trust that she is on a great path.

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