Monday, November 5, 2012

Baking, Balance & Math & Mermaids

The weekend was so wonderful, Monday came all too quick.  Hubbie had the weekend off and spent most of it with his Dad, much needed Father, Son time, guy time, fix the boat time.  Me and the kids ventured an hour away to drop our daughter off at a friends house for a sleep over. Sunday was lazy day, full of baking, cleaning, relaxing, napping, reading...joyous and much needed!

I baked a loaf of wheat bread for the weeks sandwiches and hubbie baked a wonderful loaf of banana nut bread for breakfast, desert- anytime!  I also spent time prepping/cutting all of Teryn's old clothing and material into strips to start a braided rug for her room-

Ahh Balance...and Math & Mermaids
Late afternoons I work, it is wonderful working from home, but time management is definitely needed when I feel so many responsibilities on me with work, the home, the children.  On my 'break' right now I thought I'd blog for a moment as my daughter reads quietly on the couch and my son attempts a bridge building project for elephants on our game system.  The 'swing' of things with our 'school' is feeling more easy, falling into place and flowing as each day goes on.  I feel very balanced all of the sudden between both work and family, it is peaceful to be in this moment.

Finishing reading her Mermaid series Teryn researched online for any documentaries about Mermaids, history how the tales started and any additional info she could find...She read several articles and watched this video then discussed what she believed about the findings:
Animal Planet: Mermaids:The Body Found

I made Math Bingo Cards for Jordan, which Teryn ended up wanting to play we sat for a few games of Bingo which Jordan loved. Surprising to me, because he struggles in wanting to do anything that looks like 'school' but he does have a huge love of games, the best of both worlds and we all had fun.  After a couple games, declaring it was rather 'easy' (yes, it was adding and subtracting!) Teryn went to work on calculating her animal expenses, materials and other costs to figure out building new pens for them.
Off of a book he had checked out at the Library, and needing some 'get up and go' time we headed outside to bike- breezy but beautiful, the weather did not feel as though winter was approaching today being rather on the warm side.  Jordan read his book with me, reading a few words himself then asking me to read, then he decided what he wanted to figure out, retrieving dad's tape measure he drew as well as wrote about his findings:

After this he proceeded to discuss with me in extreme detail, the workings of a bicycle, all of its parts, how it moved, even safety- where he should put lights, what cars see on it, how many reflectors he has.  It amazes me to sometimes just listen, fully to my 7 year old speak and not only speak but explain things in such detail to me as if he were an adult already. The little voice inside my head at that moment is reminding me to soak up every minute of this- because they do grow so very fast.

During our biking time, still tired from her weekend sleepover, my daughter read then listened to her book on CD as she drew and wrote about the story...
Monday's are slow, ease into the week from the weekend, at times we only read, at times we have the energy to explore, hike and sit at the table for hours on a project, we do what comes to us, depending on how we feel.  Now we are missing 'Dad' and awaiting him to come home very soon to us- the perfect end to our day.

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