Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Career Day - Let's be a Vet!

There is a common interest that we have all as a family, a love of animals.  Our children frequently talk about working with animals when they grow up, whether it be as a vet, at the zoo, petsmart, the Humane Society, an animal shelter- it is a common thread of conversation when talking about future jobs.

Today we pursued the interest in a career as a vet. We researched video's and clips online at Discovery Kids, YouTube, saw interviews with Vet's and all the steps to going to the vet's office for a first visit and what the office and vet will do and we also listened to audio:

They also decided to enter the San Diego Humane Society Poster Contest: So they brainstormed some idea's on what they wanted to do them on:
Youth Poster Contest

The kids then set up a vet office in our front room as I put together some supplies for them to use- bandage tape, scissors, gauze, heating pad, cooling patch, thermometer,  medicine droppers, cups, timer, wooden splints, band-aids,  brushes.  Our daughter also helped to design on the computer a 'check in' sheet. We pulled out the monopoly money to use and lastly the kids gathered the 'patients'.

They spent the whole morning 'playing' yet they were learning, reading, interacting, doing math, engaging, writing, being caring, loving, polite and having fun.

They would 'check in', writing their name, their pet's name, the date, time and reason they were being seen by the 'vet'.  The 'vet' would set up their supplies, call the patient in, ask questions, diagnose, treat and then write a bill with the pet's name, reason for the visit, treatment provided and the cost. Then the patient would go pay the bill and leave the office. 

Needless to say, after a morning of animal care, all the patients are doing well...but we are officially out of gauze and tape!

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