Thursday, November 15, 2012

Peaceful Pondering..Blessed to be a Mother

The children are all tucked cozy in their warm blankets. The nights have been getting chilly, so additional quilts and blankets have been added to keep the warmth throughout the night. Quiet is the house, as the pups sleep on the couches and hubbie and I are on our computers for a bit.  My bed is calling to me, but its nice to get some down time with hubbie in the evening.

Tomorrow the kids and I leave out of town for a Poultry show on Saturday. We'll stay two nights and three days, traveling through three states.  My birthday also comes on this Saturday.  Several friends mentioned what a 'bummer' it will be not being able to 'go out' and celebrate.  I view it as a blessing and a celebration to go to this show and thoroughly enjoy seeing my children do what they love best- take part in showing their animals, meeting new friends and people that share their interests and enjoy a little road trip together- the only thing that would make this birthday more perfect is if hubbie didn't have to work and could join us.

Our daughter has had some 'peaceful' pondering moments...something about water, fresh air, nature, crisp coolness that the start of winter brings, so refreshing to the soul.  I love her. Even when we have the toughest moments.  She seeps from her soul this amazingly caring girl that is growing up right before my eyes into a wonderful young woman.  I seek to connect with her every day through conversations, hugs, understanding, quiet moments, space, peace.  I am proud to be her mother.

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