Thursday, November 1, 2012

November 1st - Thankfulness & Halloween Picture

Be Thankful
In my usual morning blog catch up, which literally I take no more than 15 minutes to just skim, review, catch up. I'll hop on my personal email account, face book for a few minutes. In doing this, as each November goes, there are a slew of people posting about the month to be 'Thankful'.  Posting each day what you are thankful for.  Months ago I really made a conscious effort to every day not only pray but to recognize the good, be thankful for all of the blessings- each and every day. It is great to make that conscious effort one month out of the year, but why not try and truly incorporate it in your every day life, each day of the year. It is an awesome goal, and an awesome feeling. A sort of peace that comes over you.

So, today I will 'say' out loud for the month of November, and post that I am truly thankful for Family.  Today I reflect that the 1st day of November reminds me that in a few short weeks we'll be headed out of town to visit  family. The one thing difficult about our move was leaving my family- my parents, sibling, grandparents.  I am thankful for email and the telephone, video chat that keep us in contact.

Couldn't forget Halloween, for our family and friends who I didn't send emails to, who don't go on face book...We do celebrate- yesterday, taking the kids over to Grandpa's to show off costumes then heading out trick or treating:

Its our Library day today, one of the day's I treasure most during the week...we spend our time exploring, delving into the shelves of adventure, science, and fun.  Its really sets the starting point on where the following week our learning is going to take us. Some times Jordan will stay in the Science section, other times he'll only want History books...Terynity always checks out at least 20+ books...with the librarian continuously reminding us the limit is 50!  She is my reader, Jordan likes the books that spark adventure and hands on learning into other area's. They are both so unique and I love seeing them learn and grow each day.
Happy November 1st!

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