Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Ouiet Sunday into the Ouiet Week...Reading, Baking, Playing

Quiet Sunday's
There is something about Sunday's.  The quietness, the calmness, the difference of pace and feel from all the other days. I soak it up knowing Monday will not feel the same.  My husband who usually works all days, all hours and sleeps in late, quietly resting in the bedroom. My children staying in their pajamas a few extra minutes as I snuggle them with some hot tea or coffee in hand. We feed the animals, feed ourselves and as we pray then eat I read from the bible at the table with them. We talk about God, our blessings then move on into the day slowly. We usually have music playing or our children take turns on the piano. Sweet notes fill our home as I bake our weekly bread and as the smells graze their noses they come begging for a warm piece as it comes out of the oven.  Wonderful warmness in our home, the smells, the sounds, the love of family.

One of my husbands favorite songs...
 Our children working on Christmas tunes to play as the holiday approaches come next month.
After all of our bread baking, we were out of wheat flour, so a trip to Grandpa's fixed that. Hubbie shows the children and I how the wheat grinder works as we grind to fill our tub with flour.

Reading & Playing
It has been a quiet week thus far...Monday and Tuesday, we spent reading, baking cookies and visiting Grandpa again.  Next week we will be out of town to see family for Thanksgiving, so knowing we will be taking a trip to the zoo, the children collaborated and choose to study about Koala's. They read, watched interesting clips of facts online as well as a documentary, then we completed our zoo study with watching 'We bought a Zoo'- one of our son's favorite movie's. It still tears me up.  Here are some of the books they choose from the Library from our last week trip:
 Several on Koala's, and a 'how' to draw Zoo Animal book along with some Science picks from our son of course! He's got to have his science experiments. And a 'math' story as well.
 Our daughter, reading 6 total American Girl books, a few fun books, finishing up her Titanic study this week as well as her Yellow Fever study and diving into Pot Belly Pigs then some girl reading time- her and I have been looking at 7 habits for highly effective teens and talking girl talk as well- bonding, openness, strengthening our relationship.
 With knowing we will move soon- our daughter has started designing her room- and making her own stencils....beautiful poses!

Our week is short as we will spend Friday driving out of town to go to a Poultry show for both the children this weekend. It is also my birthday Saturday and I told the kids there is no where I'd rather be than spending the day enjoying them and seeing them do what they love with their animals.

Plans for today and tomorrow, some packing, some cleaning, reading, playing, studying for the show and relaxing before we spend the next weekend and into next week traveling.

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