Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Wonderful Man has gone to Heaven

My husband's father after a battle with lung cancer has gone to heaven to be with his wife who lost her battle with cancer several years ago as well.  Its hard not to question why at times even though we know God has a plan. Its hard not to wonder about this thing called cancer that seems to seep into every family somehow, somewhere with someone. I know on my side of the family it has taken both of my grandmothers. To our children we voice Grandpa would not want them to be sad, only happy that he is finally with their Grandma, and at peace, no longer suffering, no more pain. He is happy now. Comforting words that don't make the sadness go away completely but hopefully lessen it.

He was a wonderful man, father, grandfather. From the daughter in law perspective looking in....he was incredibly kind and loved his family and his church and friends so much. So many lessons he left with my husband to pass on to our son. He was a great role model and I am blessed that my son will get the same great lessons and grow up to be as wonderful of a man as his daddy and his grandpa. As we lived with them in the same home for many years, our children were never in the way or burdens- he always included them, seeked them out to do things with him, to help him, be with him. I loved that about him. My children love him dearly. He will be greatly missed, such a great man.

And when my son went to bed last night he asked...'What do you think Grandma and Grandpa are doing in Heaven right now?' and I answered, 'Hugging and smiling in happiness' and my son smiled and said 'I like that'. 
I do too.

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