Saturday, March 2, 2013

Spring/Easter Mantel, Zoo, Studies

Our daughter seemed to get worse this week with her cold, sneezing and coughing, so rest we did. But the end of the week brought her feeling a bit better so we painted, crafted and started on our Spring, St. Patrick's Day and Easter decorating/crafting.

Spring / Easter Mantel

Last weekend we went for a quick 3 day trip out of town to visit family. We enjoyed their company, relaxed, visited and went to the Zoo for a few hours before departing back home. No matter how many times we visit, we always see new things, new area's to explore and have a lot of fun.

Studies This Week
A few things we worked on this week...
Our daughter read most of the week from the comfort of the couch- reading a Natural and Man Made Disasters Book and taking notes, starting 'Legends of the Ghost Dog' for some fun light reading and listening to me read out loud to Jordan about the North and South Poles and more penguins then we watched Shark Week and an ocean documentary.
 Jordan picked out some 'Biscuit' the dog easy readers to read out loud this week and we read his Penguin book together as well as took turns reading from the Magic Treehouse 'Polar Bears Past Bedtime'. We scored a 'Ranger Rick' magazine for 0.10cents at the Library and read about Dolphins in it as well. Jordan used his how to draw shark book to draw and write about sharks too. He worked on practicing carrying numbers in adding and subtracting and we talked about estimation using marbles and other items like popcorn kernels, cereal and toy cars.

 And of course there was lots of sick snuggling with the pup going on as she played a few games online, slept off and on and just rested!

Come visit us next week as we dive into Sharks, Butterflies, Plants & Gardening and continue reading about Disasters in History, learn more about Maps and Geography and practice our math skills too! Its a busy week with 4H, Ballet practice, Gymnastics class and lots of fun fit in too!

Play hard, Learn lots, Have FUN in life and Enjoy every Moment of every Day!

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