Monday, March 18, 2013

Happy Birthday my 8 year old!

Really his birthday is the 23rd, but his due date being the 17th and my daddy's birthday being the 17th, we spent a quiet day with grandparents, a few presents to enjoy each other. 
Family is the most important thing in the world. I cherish I have such a strong wonderful close relationship with my parents and appreciate them that they were such good mentors, mom and dad to look up to that I may be just as great of a mother to my own children.

Jordan is 8! Nearly...every year seems to go by faster than the last and I want to grab hold and pause or at least slow it down slightly. With each year I enjoy the new moments and cherish so greatly the past times. Jordan is extraordinary. A love of math and science he continually tells me he wants to be a Robotic Engineer or some kind of Engineer or wants to blow things up when he grows up. Either way, it goes right along with his love of figuring things out, putting things together and just the way his mind works. He's a fun boy, loves wearing his boots, playing in dirt, getting dirty, making tree forts in the yard and loves his chickens with a passion! He looks up to his sister like no other and is slightly growing out of his momma's boy stage..enjoying fixing things and being with his daddy more and more. I'm so very proud to be his momma and teach him, learn with him, guide him, be with him.

Enjoy each year, each month, each day and each moment with your child...they grow so very fast.

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