Thursday, March 14, 2013

Spring...Ducks hatching Eggs, Duck Prayers

As I read through several of my favorite blogs and see everywhere that Spring is sprouting all around us it brings joy as we see our sleepy tree's awakening from winter with little green buds on their branches, flowers coming up in the yard, more sun and warmth throughout the days and more wild life and babies scurrying about.

Yesterday afternoon our son came in to exclaim the ducks have eggs!! Everyone in the house ran out in a hurry shooting off questions, really?, how many?, where?. Quietly sneaking near their enclosure we saw her slowly move off the eggs for a brief moment as we caught a glimpse of 3 small eggs in a several inch deep nest in the straw bedding they have. She went and got a drink and went right back to her nest, settling in, nearly disappearing in the hole herself. Her mate, staying in the opposite corner of the enclosure if on guard. We got close and he just stayed in his spot and watched us. How exciting, the possibility of babies.

Now we wait like patient new parents, all of us, await to see if babies will really appear. The children so thrilled, marked the 'due' date on their calendars. And we had a little sit down that we will hope and pray that she will hatch babies, healthy babies but that we have to also understand that nothing may come of the eggs and they may not hatch. Both children understood but are still filled with hope and excitement. After the first glimpse of the eggs they went outside to take a quiet peek nearly 20 times before bedtime!

Bedtime prayers included one to help keep momma duck strong, calm while she does hard work sitting on her eggs, and prayers for the possibility of life inside those little eggs. Cherishing my children who are so thrilled and sending animals prayers up to the heavens.

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