Sunday, March 10, 2013

Shark Week

As the weekend comes to a close and the new week begins tomorrow we grow more and more excited for our trip out of town to see family on Friday. Excited to celebrate 'Grandpa's' birthday, excited to see family and friends, excited to celebrate my son turning 8! And my daughter and I excited about the surprise my son doesn't know about...a trip to Seaworld! Finishing our penguin study both of the kids wanted  to dive into a new sea animal..and choose Sharks. I love when their interests over lap and they are on the same page even for a moment, to study together, get excited together, learn and share together, it is truly so fun.

4 days this week until our trip, so we'll be able to barely get into sharks before then but it still will give us several days to pursue the interest then come back home and hopefully the wonderful trip will spark more learning excitement and give us even more direction on what we'd like to learn next.

Shark Week
Since the children loved the Seaworld packet we previously printed out and used, we've decided to check out the one they have for 4th-8th grade on Sharks as well here:
They really loved the Penguin packet, with information, species cards, science and math experiments then we filled in with tons of books and a few video's too.
To supplement our Seaworld packet we'll use these books:
Here are the books our son, 7yrs will be using this week:
 And the Shark book our daughter, 12yrs will read (pictured along with her American History book), Our daughter enjoys History so we try :

We will also be learning about the USS Indianapolis, 1945 shark attack:
Reading together the article here: Sinking of the USS Indianapolis, 1945
Watching an interview with a survivor here: Interview With Survivor of Shark Attack of 1945
As well as watching on Netflix, Shark Week has an episode now, "Ocean of Fear: Worst Shark Attack Ever": After the USS Indianapolis sand in the Pacific Ocean during World War II battle, the ship's crew faced horrifying shark attacks.

Which may work well moving us into WWII study....

Its wonderful how homeschooling can direct you where ever your interests lead, the kids soak the knowledge up, have fun, and dive deep into education because they want to and are not 'made' to or 'told' to.

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