Friday, March 8, 2013

Mapping, Skate Park, Guinea Pig Play

As the weather took a turn from sunny and warm, wearing tank tops and shorts to cool, windy and eventually rainy, we got in some mapping, skate park time and outdoor guinea pig play time just before the down pour came! Then it was snuggle on the couch time, warm under blankets with a movie- Indiana Jones- so fun, the kids both enjoy the series!

Maps, Mapping, Geography
We began learning about maps with our Penguin study and marking where they lived on our big wall map, talking about hemisphere's and the North and South poles. We actually looked at maps earlier on when we marked where we lived vs. where Egypt is when we studied Egypt, Mummies and the Pyramids. Our son especially loves maps. A few books we checked out at the library we read out loud together then we set off to make our own map- this one is of the neighborhood. He came up with his own 'key' of symbols and we started from our home and walked our neighborhood as he drew. Next he plans to make a treasure map and hide things in the yard then give someone a map and see if they can find his hidden treasure! Great plan! Our daughter even 'taught' him about maps, showing him an easy way to remember North, South, East West and talking about oceans and continents.

 His Neighborhood map:
While he and I walked the neighborhood Terynity worked on her computer math for a bit then is working on a self-portrait she is planning on mailing to American Girl Magazine to hopefully get a chance at being featured! She is so creative and artistic, its coming along nicely.

Skate Park Scootering
She then had Ballet class this week and decided to stay longer for a Strength and Conditioning class as well. It worked her muscles so hard after she had been sick for over a week that she stayed only half the time and we left early. But during part of the class, my son and I got away for a few minutes to the skate park....

Guinea Pig Play and Outdoors
With the nice weather a few days, we cleaned animal cages and let everyone -rabbits and guinea pigs have some fresh air outdoors, running about and playing...the kids enjoyed the time with their animals too. With sunny skies and warm air who wouldn't want to soak it up? I moved a chair out and we all just hung out for an hour before starting our studies that was so relaxing to ease into our day with some play time first.

Enjoy the sunshine, fresh air, warmth when you can and cuddle up in doors when the weather turns bad.

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