Monday, April 1, 2013

A little R&R with Fabric Painting Birds

Between dishes, working, grocery shopping, homeschooling..while the kids enjoyed some free computer time together I decided to relax with a craft and painting instead of moving to the next item on my never-ending to-do list. Its nice to do something for yourself and take a break! My thought was to tackle some furniture painting...but I decided I was too tired for THAT big of a project!

I had some fabric paints lying around and during a trip to Target today was inspired by a sweet yellow piggy-bank ceramic bird..couldn't find the picture online. But I'm loving the little birds you see here and there in the stores.

Collected a few pictures I liked online..and an old shirt from way back then that is way too tight- added a strip of navy material to the back and fabric painted some cute birds on branches in the front...I'm sure actual stenciling would have worked better, but for these, I just free-handed it.

Now to dry....quick, simple afternoon project, and a new spring tee!

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