Sunday, April 14, 2013

Lost without Pictures - Weekly Update

A blog with only words and no pictures, what a shame, what sadness. I need pictures. I rarely read blogs with only words. Something about a picture....even a blog with no words and just pictures- amazing, interesting, connected. So, this week as I have problems getting pictures on my desktop after a coffee spilling accident on my beloved laptop which has put it out of use temporarily I am extremely disappointed to not be able to share snap shots I have taken thus far this week.

So, here's a little update on our week.... to come later...

Weekly Library Trip
Picnic Lunch at the Park
Tried a new Recipe- - Spinach Enchilada's 
We are on duck watch..waiting for eggs to hatch!
Indoor gardening
Plenty of Reading
Animal Studies
Animal Breeding Studies
Math Games
Board Games
Battleship was a favorite this week
Movie Night with Dad- Wreck it Ralph
Built a duck brooder
Picture Taking
Having a business talks
Dad and Son were plumbers and fixed a toilet.
River Trip- only the kids went into the freezing water!
Lots of HUGS and KISSES and LOVE

Such a beautiful week, a little on the hot side, we kept constant animal watch due to high temps but also have been on duck watch as the eggs should be hatching little ones out any day now. We ventured to the River and had a picnic lunch at the park. Our weekly library trip was bountiful as we found 4 books to purchase off the for sale shelf as well as plenty to borrow.  We studied, worked, and played=it was a good week.

Where our interests are this week:

Our Son, 8yrs old: Pulleys, Electricity, Ancient China, Gardening, Egg Hatching, Battleship, Math Problems

Our Daughter, 12yrs old: Duck Hatching, Cavy Breeding, Building a Brooder Box, Career Research, Business Math, Japanese Movies, Hair Styling.

Mom Studies...have led me to checking out Vegan Magazine for more delish recipes, a Quilting book, Canning, Backyard Homestead projects and Goat Keeping. 

Dad wasn't able to venture to the library with us but he has had his own house projects which we appreciate him so dearly for...fixing the swamp cooler- yeah air!, hanging shelving above the fireplace- a make shift mantel- happiness, new wardrobe into our bedroom, fixing the kids toilet with our son's help, and starting to get boxes moved....

Eventually we'll get organized, completely unpacked and settled! or at least that's the goal!

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