Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Pictures!! Work & Play

Pictures from last week! Well at least most of them recovered...the rest on my laptop :(

My boys being plumbers.
 Nearly finished brooder box for the ducklings.
 Cleared out an outdoor coop for the 'big boys'.
 The big 'ugly' boys...we tease that they are so ugly they are cute. But they are extremely sweet.
 Start of our daughter's career research- She wants to become a Cavy Judge.
 Picnic at the park before Library trip..resting.
 Drawing in the sunshine of the park.

 Kids taking turns with the camera- they want to have several websites to showcase their animals and teach other kids about caring for animals. WONDERFUL idea's they brainstormed together.

Happily saying I will have more pictures to come for this week...

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