Sunday, April 7, 2013

Rodeo - Kids Showing Animals

Yesterday I was blessed to be able to have the entire day off of work, rarely happens but it was wonderful so that I could concentrate on spending the day fully with my children and husband. We attended the Rodeo where they held a smallstock and largestock open show for youth kids. Our daughter showed her rabbit, cavy, waterfowl, poultry in Junior division as well as handled a goat for the first time at a show which was a wonderful learning experience. Our son, younger, showed in the PeeWee division for Poultry and Cavy. His 2nd time showing Poultry and 1st time showing a cavy ever. What confidence they need to stand up in front of everyone. What great friends and bonds they make with these children, families that share this strong common interest and love for animals. Its always a great experience attending a show, for both our children and us.
A few pic's from the show:
Grand Champion Jr. Waterfowl
 Grand Champion Jr. Rabbit
 She also won Grand Champion Jr. Poultry and Grand Champion Jr. Cavy
 Grand Champion PeeWee Cavy
 Grand Champion PeeWee Poultry
 Junior Goat Participant
It was a wonderful day with friends and families, watching our children do what they love best, their animals.

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