Thursday, April 25, 2013

Ducks, Cavies, Vegan Meals

We've had a fun week, worked hard, played hard and had some ups and downs....

Our duck hatched out 3 live babies. 1 passed away. We have 2 healthy babies and we are so thankful for them. The other eggs she laid, although when candling we saw babies, momma left the nest to care for the live babies and never returned, so they did not make it. We were saddened hoping for a lot of babies, but are blessed that we have these two healthy ones.

The babies now live in our home made brooder box. They are eating well, drinking well, and thriving.

Our daughter has immersed herself this week into working on her cavy site along with the help of her brother and I. She has made a lot of progress but tells me it still has many revisions left and work to be done.Weebly is a wonderful site- extremely user friendly so that even kids can use the tools to make sites and its FREE.

Both kids have had fun using the camera, taking pictures for their websites. They've also both been learning to use Adobe Photoshop and all the tools.

We've had 4H meetings for rabbit, cavy, poultry and waterfowl and enjoyed teaching new friends about animals and practicing and learning with our other group members.

Next week we travel to California, to get a tour of a Ranch and meet a ton of animals as well as see about adding a new cavy to our growing brood then we are off to visit grandparents and pick up another cavy there.

Vegan Meals
We've started purchasing our baskets again from Bountiful Baskets which is such a wonderful opportunity to receive so many great fruits and vegetables at a fraction of the cost. We also purchase whole wheat bread and sourdough when I'm not baking our bread- or in this case when Summer is coming and I really don't want that oven on! Two of our vegan meals this week.....

Vegan Shepherds Pie with Crumbles
 So good with that mashed potato top!
 Mushroom Rice with Cream Mushroom Soup, Cream Celery Soup and Mushrooms, Celery, Onion and Garlic and a bit of salt and pepper.
We served the rice with cooked asparagus with butter and salt.

The boys worked on a wood working project this week, building a wooden catapult that shoots mini bean bags. At the library our daughter checked out multiple crafting and painting books. She went to work hard on learning to paint flowers which turned out beautifully. We ventured to ballet class, gymnastics and all had an afternoon to play tennis together in the gorgeous weather we've been having.

It was a wonderfully blessed week together.

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