Thursday, July 18, 2013

Blacksmithing, Horses & Rabbits, Virtual Surgery

Yesterday being one of my husbands only two days off we decided to stay indoors, keep cool and just enjoy each others company.  In the morning animal chores were done as usual- fed, watered, duck water changed out, water bottles frozen for the rabbits to keep cool and every one was held, petted, talked to and loved! Then for the morning before lunch, the boys did some studies together and my daughter and I spent some time together.

My husband had checked out several blacksmithing books at the library which our son was very excited about- all he can talk about lately is 'when Dad builds his blacksmith shop' and that he's going to help work on projects- Awesome. They looked at some projects in the books together then watched a you tube video on the TV demonstrating how to do different techniques. Our son was quiet, engaged and enthralled.

While the boys read and watched, studying together, learning together, my daughter wanted some help studying rabbits, preparing for fair in a few months. We sat together and went through questions, talked about her breed and went through terms she was unfamiliar with. She has taken the initiative and put together a study calendar for herself, to study one animal each day for an hour, every day before fair is here. I love her drive, her passion. When she loves something, there is no stopping her. 
 After morning studies, we cooked and ate lunch and our daughter took a break to draw for a bit and work on a story she's been writing.
 Then the rest of the afternoon she spent laying on the couch, engulfed in books, reading. When she wants to learn some thing, she checks out all available resources at the library, reads everything she can, researches video's- in this case all about horses, horseback riding, show riding, and she's also talked to our 4H leader about taking horse back riding lessons from her. 
She may only concentrate on a few select things at a time, but when she's done, she has an enormous amount of knowledge gained about those passionate subjects. I love her for that. She pursues her interests with drive and passion.

After lunch my son and I battled it out in 'Battleship' then hoped online to check out some educational games. Then the remainder of the afternoon we spent doing 'virtual surgery' together. 
This amazing education site has many choices- but we did brain stimulation, hip replacement surgery and knee replacement surgery. We talked about how his Grandpa had knee replacement and his Papa had hip replacement surgeries. Our son, our science kid was amazed, grossed out and intrigued- when it was time to log off and help prepare dinner 
he exclaimed ' Well, now I know I do not want to be a Surgeon when I grow up!' 
Check out the site:
and go under activities- there's a whole list to pick from!
Even though it says for grades 7-12, our 8yr old/3rd grader had no problem- there's tons of technical terms- but he got through it and learned lots of new words!
(Pic Source from link above)

We finished the night off with a family dinner and a movie before bed, a perfect family day at home.

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