Sunday, July 7, 2013

Garden Crazy...with no Garden

Last year hubbie went through a rut, us not yet moved into this wonderful new home with land, we were still in our neighborhood home with our tiny backyard and no garden. He had enormous garden crazies going on. When we lived in our first home on a bit of land here, we had high hopes of gardening- we fixed up a little planter area in the front, and I did herbs in cinder blocks but that was it. We were there for a year and then we moved. We started this blog in high hopes that 'Four Farming' would be our adventures...well farming...and home schooling (which it is) and just our daily accounts of life as a family, snippets of our weeks for our friends and family afar to feel connected to us (which it is). But the 'farming' part...well the gardening part has been a long time coming, the animal part of 'farming' has definitely been here for a while! Our goal was and still is to be self sufficient, to grow our own food. This year with caring for sick family then deaths in the family it has in the least been a whirlwind, where our garden supplies are here, ready and our garden never got done. I've been feeling in a garden rut, and researching online to gain some inspiration, direction and garden happiness! Hubbie also has joined in saying we will plant what we can, when we can this fall, after summer when it begins to cool. I'm so giddy about the whole thing! The children have been hearing these talks and seeing me look online- that yesterday in the midst of ooing and ohhing...I have a 'that's so cool' over my shoulder and see both my children peering with me at pictures of gardens....
So they pulled up two chairs and we all sat together enjoying some garden goodness!

Here's what we've been eying... 

I wanted something I could do now...waiting till fall or when the months get cooler seem so very far away.  So, I've been looking at indoor growing options but also regrowing options-
(Picture Source from above link)
 Bok Choy above, Pineapple Below
Currently I have Celery & a Pineapple re-growing but I'm anxious to try more..
Celery Instructions:
(Picture Source from link above)

Also, looking at creative ways to hang plants instead of having everything on the counter indoors. As hubbie pointed out- 'where's it all going to go!?'
Thought this might be neat to do with the kids-
(Picture Source from link above)
(Picture Source from link above)

A Few Inspirational Photo's...(links to websites on 'Photo Source' below)

Outdoor Loves:
*Container Gardening
*Rustic Fences
*Outdoor Dinning & Living
*Huge Outdoor Brick Fireplaces
*Dreamy Lighting
*Lots of Green
*Ponds & Streams
*Whimsical Play Places for children

Dreaming of Gardening...and making lots of pretty plans....

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