Friday, July 12, 2013

Water: Rain and River

It's been a strangely quiet week, restful, thoughtful. Errands, ballet class, home made meals, family movie mid day, a few afternoon naps, board games just enjoying a peaceful home.

Overjoyed with the light bits of rain that graced us yesterday, overjoyed with the coolness in the air, the children went out to's been too hot for days, for weeks now to explore, to pretend, to adventure in our own backyard for more than a few minutes and yesterday they were able to rejoice and laugh in the darkening sky's weather upon us. It didn't last but what bit of cool we received we soaked it up.

Today as the sun peeked, before heading to the grocery store we ventured to the River, taking a dip with our toes...or rather the children somehow 'dipping' their entire bodies in the cool refreshing water! Play, laughter, splashing, gathering rocks, gathering plants, exploring, talking, fun. Purposefully closing my eyes and breathing in and out, praying, being thankful. Relaxation, toes in the sand, then into the water, warm breezes, smiling faces. A much needed outing. Then by chance after the grocery store the rain came briefly again and everyone laughed and cried 'yippee' running out into it when we got home, only for it to end and the sun to again appear a few moments later.

There is much delight even in the most quiet of days and weeks, a rest for your body, soul, mind.

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  1. Looks like you had a lot of fun. Nice moment to capture.
    Dropping by from this moment.