Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Totally Rock Obsessed, Money Math & Sibling Reading

The past few days, I've felt...just off. I can't explain it, maybe just that sense that something is missing, lacking...just off.  I haven't been sleeping well- the heat, the storms, work calls, the dogs being restless- up and down during the night, our son being restless- up and down during the night- maybe that explains it right there. Lack of sleep can surely make a person feel not themselves. 

But this morning I awoke with a determination to get over this 'offness'. I awoke and fed the pups, brewed the coffee and unlike usual when I sit down to start on work reports, dive right in without a second thought, catch up on any work calls- I took that first cup of coffee that came out and went to the back patio, and just sat. 

Sat, listened, sipped, prayed, thought, breathed...Enjoyed- Renewed.

The pups wandered the yard. The doves poked through the straw on the ground. Our roosters let out bellowing crows. White tailed bunnies hoped and scurried as the pups attempted to chase them within the fence. Peace.

Yesterday both kids were anxious to do more rock painting, work on some rocks they had brushed the first layers of color on so we pulled out our bucket of rocks and our array of paints and after chores we spent the morning creating.  
 Our son's silly sense of humor...

 Our son loving my frog life cycle rocks so much he asked for a 
butterfly one...
 After Lunch a game of UNO- sister decided to draw while we played.

 After a few card games, I sewed while both children lay on the couches and we all quietly listened to more of the 'Life of PI' on Audio book. An amazing story so far. Much of the vocabulary over my son's head....even my daughter said it may have been a hard book to read as he goes into so many details regarding religion, animals- well everything. But no complaints of boredom listening to the difficult language this story carries. 
Both children listen intently each time we put it on.
Once the story ends we will then watch the movie.

Money Math on the fridge with our son while I kneaded pizza dough for dinner and our daughter quietly read on the couch.
 Exclaiming 'Money exploded on our fridge!'
 Preparing home made pizza for dinner...Sis read out loud to her brother.

Today we bake cookies for 4H, tidy the home, and head to the 4H fun meeting tonight. A blessed day among friends and families.

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