Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Beluga Whales, Fish, Coral Reefs

We started our sea study a few weeks ago when we decided on vacation we'd make time to go to Seaworld for the day. We went there last year for our son's birthday and did a Penguin and Shark study before heading there. This year the kids decided to study the Beluga Whale, some history about whaling, conservation of ocean species, coral reefs and fish.

We used some books we got from the library last week to get us started...
Then we used Seaworld's resources here: Beluga Whales   
National Geo Kids fact card here: Creature Feature Print Out Card - Beluga Whales
National Geo also has a resource here: Beluga Whale

Both Seaworld and Nat Geo have audio of Beluga Whales, 'sea canaries'.

We read, watched video's, mapped migration and mapped location of the whales and had great discussions.
Here's two video's we viewed:

We watched the Eyewitness DVD from the Library on 'Fish'- both salt water and fresh water. The kids both most enjoyed the odd varieties they showcased in the ocean as well as camouflaged species.We then read about the Coral Reef, the book we checked out specifically talks about what happens on the reef with plants and animals in a 24 hour period, documenting each hour.

Our afternoon brought grocery shopping errands and the evening brought dinner of tortalini, salad and bread. 

In the night we all settled for a family movie...our son's choice- NEMO. Fitting!


A wonderful Monday to start our week!

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