Monday, November 11, 2013

Vacation - Ocean Morning

A few steps more and we would be to the water, our toes touching it, the cold, salty, seawater...stop- stop walking I told the kids. They looked up at me questioning- now close your eyes and take the biggest, slowest breath you can. They did, as did I. I opened my eyes as they opened their eyes. Smiles,'s SO GOOD my son said. I want to bottle it I told them. I love the smell my daughter stated. Both kids nodded yes and raced to the water laughing together. Seashell gathering, checking out sea weed, toes in sand, jumping waves- fully clothed. Remembering our seashell studies, trying to identify all of the different kinds. It was a great morning, relaxing, peaceful. I walked on the border of not getting my toes wet- in the wet sand but not where the water touched me as they walked in the water up to their knee's. I get overwhelmed at times being back home- all the people, all the crowds- the beach wasn't overcrowded, but border-lined being that way- I focused on watching my two children, the waves and blocked out every other person there...just us. Just us three, running, laughing, playing, enjoying. Peace. A joyous adventure. It has been years since we've seen the ocean waves- it was very much over due.

A beautiful day together.

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