Saturday, November 23, 2013

Our Son..Chick(en) crazy

8 years old, a love for many things but especially his animals. His quiet words, gentle touch and utmost care makes my heart smile. Asking for some pictures with his two new babies I was happy to take a few snapshots. Telling me he's like a dad and they are his 'job', his responsibility. Carefully he looked them over, determining one looked very healthy then determining the other had a messy he proceeded to clean the chick up, a little cloth and some warm water and back into the cage they both went. A little while later in the day he happily reported as I washed dishes, that the temperature looked good, everyone was sleeping and they had plenty of water and food. Beaming, smiling. You did good I told him, your babies are lucky to have you. More smiling.

Chicken love.


  1. Katelynn actually stumbled on your blog when she had done a web search for rabbit of your pictures was actually one of the images shown for that search.

    I LOVE your blog!! How fun!

    What breed are the chicks? Something with feathered feet/legs for sure! ;-)

  2. Thanks!! These feather legged ones are Buff and Barred Cochin Bantams :)