Monday, November 4, 2013


Its been a quiet weekend. Not that we haven't had things to do but its been just slow moving, quietly getting one thing done and moving to the next. Taking our time, not rushing. I was blessed with it being a quiet 'work' weekend thus getting plenty of time for family and home. As the weather moves cooler, it was time to get the rabbits out of the house and moved into the 'barn' aka garage. Summer heat was so intense they had to come inside to live to not feel the suns affects. Now with cooler days and cool nights it was the perfect weekend to make the move. Cleaning the garage, cleaning ALL the animal cages, moving all the cages, then cleaning the kids rooms and bathroom...the bathroom just needs another scrub and I think our work is done! Whew it was a process! Amongst the big move the kids spent plenty of time playing...what is it about a clean room, some things rearranged that makes every toy, every item seem brand new? Hours of play in their bedrooms- and together. Love it. I love when even with 5 years between them, they can enjoy each others company and just play. I drank tea and read then got caught up on kitchen dishes and even had a bit of time to sew...all while enjoying hearing their laughter in the next room.

A peaceful enjoyable weekend with hard work and play.

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