Thursday, November 7, 2013

Mama Knits

At all times we are role models. Everyone. Someone is watching us, listening to us. In schooling it may generally be about the children schooling but myself and my husband are always striving to set the example, be a role model, through always pursuing our own learning as well. Letting the children be inspired by this to seek out new interests, research, pursue, learn at all times. To keep their curiosity, love for learning growing.

Our daughter had wanted to knit for quite some time, never finding the right tutorial, having a hard time with written instructions she came to me, asking for me to learn then to show her step by step thinking maybe personally seeing and hearing the instructions up close would help. So help I did...yesterday on a whim when I was up early I found a simple knitting tutorial and made my first row- ever. I'm hooked, its also a skill I've been wanting, yearning to acquire for a very long time. Excited, inspired. I love it. Our daughter awoke and I nearly squealed at her to come over- showing her my first row. The biggest smile I've ever seen. After dressing I sat with both children and showed them how. Proving more difficult for her, she did two rows and set it down. She said it was hard and it would take a long time to make something- yes new things at times are hard, yes new skills sometimes take a long time to yield a result- its a process. She said she'd take a break as she had a sewing project she wanted to work on then she'd revisit the knitting- saying maybe just a row a day without a thought on what the 'project' would end up being. Practice. I continued knitting throughout the day when I got a minute here or the end of the day she said WOW your rows look great now and you did a lot today. Practice, perseverance, patience I reminded her. She smiled.

Simple pleasures...listening to music, drinking my morning coffee and getting a few more rows on.
May  everyone have a blessed day!

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