Saturday, November 9, 2013

Right Now...Thankful

This moment right now....Thankful, Blessed, Joyous, Peaceful.
 Love, Faith, Family.

Catching up on emails with a cup of hot coffee. Warming my insides, breathing deeply, enjoying a few moments of quiet before the day begins and we are off on our road trip to see family.
Stopping to hear my children turn the radio on in their room, sing together, play together, laugh together.
My son comes out to whittle on his stick over the fireplace while he humms this song...

Our daughter comes out, sitting on the couch reading a book and joins the humming...I put the song on youtube and they both put down the stick and book and sing loudly. As it finishes Jordan tells me the song is about Love and when things are hard we still love each other no matter what.  True words.

Family, its all about Love

Looking forward to spending an entire week with my parents, the kids grandparents, aunts, uncles, brother, sister in law, and great grandparents. 

Nothing is more important in life than family and faith.

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