Tuesday, July 29, 2014

4H, Park Play, Nearby Fire

Over the weekend our daughter had a 4H event, a challenge day to complete written tests, demonstrations with friends...to learn and have fun. She had a friend stay the night and the girls stayed up until the wee hours...and our son got a sleep over with me although none of us got much sleep! Come Monday feeling not very rested up our daughter again ventured to another sleepover at a different friends house...so thankful for close friendships she has formed. She's a bit sad though because this one friend is moving very soon. Dropping her off, our son and I went to the park as the storm clouds rolled in and the winds got heavier we headed home. That eve a rain and lightning storm came. My camera just couldn't snap them quick enough...but it was as if it was right outside our window dancing. Amazing. We both watched for nearly thirty minutes at it all. This morning momma rising early with the pups I saw the field next door had bales of hay on fire..I almost thought of calling the fire department as the dogs paced the fence line and whined as it was so close since I did not see any people or vehicles near...until finally behind the corner tree and bush I did see truck lights and felt relief. What a scary initial thought of a fire being so close. Tonight brings more 4H and our daughter coming home....everyone to bed as early as is possible then recouping and relaxing tomorrow.

 5am and flames...
 By 8am they were burning much less..

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