Monday, July 28, 2014

A step back in Time

Usually going to the library on Friday or Saturday each week we missed it this week so we ventured there yesterday. We could not go a whole week without a trip...and there were books due...books waiting on hold. There is excitement knowing you have a long awaited book on the hold shelf ready to be picked up. Therefore, off we went to gather them up. A few Lego building books for our son, science books for both the children, a history and grammar book for our daughter, along with a few history video's - "How the States got their Shapes" and "10 Days that Unexpectedly Changed America".

And then Momma got a book too. I've read it before and loved it and felt it was the right time to read it again, revisit the adventures, the hardships. A family of 3 that makes a huge decision to leave the city of New York to live their life as if in 1900 for one year, for four seasons...growing their own food, they have a horse and wagon, cooking food on the wood stove, no electricity. It is inspiring both the hard times and the joys they experience. It is inspirational to me personally to just look at our current life and simplify, to concentrate on whats most important, to find ways daily to get personal with mother nature, with hard physical work, with self sufficiency. These skills are becoming a lost trade yet so important.
 The afternoon was enjoyable...hubbie sleeping...both kids laying on the couch reading, Momma on the couch reading...pups sleeping. Quiet. Taking a break from my book I had heard of two shows on PBS, Frontier House and 1900 House and decided to check out the first episode of Frontier House. Both kids put down the reading for a bit to watch the episode. Both discussed the clothing, what they thought would be hard, what they could live without. It was a good show to open some discussions...we'll have to wait another episode or two to see if we are going to really like the 'show' though.

Daydreaming again...look at this recently found gorgeous land. 20 acres, 8 of tree's and the rest of pasture. A creek year round. Lovely and breathtaking.

May you enjoy the week ahead and concentrate on the important things in life...not the busy hustle and bustle but family and simplicity.

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