Thursday, July 3, 2014


These two wonderful little people, growing into bigger people ground me, keep me on my toes, put sparkles in my daily life, make me laugh, fill me with love, make me cry, give me faith and make me want this world to be the best place possible for them.

Our relationships have only grown and blossomed as we began homeschooling several years ago. It has brought such a deep, meaningful, amazing connection between us. Life is such a blessing getting to spend every day with these two. At times I believe they teach me more than I could teach them.

Recently they have been pulling at my heart strings- as I've been praying for guidance. At times throughout the year I get off balance, tilted where work consumes more of my time or chores beckon me and I listen and I need to tilt back slightly to balance the home and my work with my children and family time. This is one of those times...I consciously tilt it back to where it should be. With faith, love, devotion I'm finding the balance flooding last night we sat down to play board games together before dinner, laughing, shopping together during the day yesterday with daddy then had a family movie come evening and stories at bed time.

Work can be for when sleepy children go to bed at night and even chores can be worked in with the children's help during the day then caught up at a different time...but I can't pause the kids growth, I can't put a stop on time to gain this moment, this time with them comes and goes in a flash and I've got to make the most of it through balance.

Cherish all the little moments.

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